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Common reasons why doctors could lose their medical licenses

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2023 | Professional Licensing

Doctors and other types of medical professionals put a significant amount of time and effort into the training and education they need in order to start their careers. These individuals must adhere to high standards both personally and professionally, and they must keep their licenses in good standing in order to continue practicing medicine. Certain types of conduct or mistakes could result in the loss of a medical license.

If you are a doctor in California, you have had to apply for a license to practice medicine within the state. You will benefit from understanding exactly what types of things you should avoid in order to protect your license and ensure that you can continue to practice medicine for years to come. In the event of the suspension or revocation of your license, you can also seek to reinstate your license and continue your career.

Actions that will compromise your license

There are strict rules and regulations that outline how doctors should perform their duties while practicing medicine. In addition to providing quality care, there are ethical and moral standards to which doctors should adhere. Some of the most common reasons why doctors could lose their medical licenses include:

  • Fraud — False billing, overcharging for services or charging for services a patient never received are all ways that doctors could commit fraud. The medical licensing board may investigate suspicious activities, including insurance claims and more.
  • Sexual misconduct — Sexual misconduct of any kind could result in the loss of a medical license. This includes unsolicited sexual advances, unwanted touching or making inappropriate comments to coworkers or patients.
  • Criminal conviction — If a doctor receives a conviction for any type of crime before or during his or her career as a medical professional, the doctor could lose his or her license if the criminal act is in violation of a physician licensing regulation.
  • Addiction — Addiction issues could compromise a doctor’s license. Coworkers have an obligation to report a doctor who is displaying troublesome behavior that could indicate addiction.

After the loss of a medical license, it is possible to appeal and seek a reinstatement. However, there is significant benefit in having the guidance of an experienced professional as you navigate this process. Your career, financial well-being and reputation as a doctor are at stake, and having support may provide you with a higher chance of a successful outcome.