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Support Your Business With The Proper License

Licensing is a gateway to profitability. Whether you’re looking for a renewal, just starting a business or you are hoping to add new products to your services, your ability to attain a license quickly and efficiently can help boost your business operations. Winship & Friedrichs APC knows the ins-and-outs of licensing. Winship & Friedrichs APC has decades of experience providing California law counsel throughout San Diego and beyond. We will guide you to the right license for your company.

Which One Is Right For You?

There are two primary types of liquor licenses. They are on-sale retail licenses and off-sale retail licenses. The type of license you require will depend on the type of business you own and what you want to sell. We have included a brief summary of each type:

  • On-sale license: You need specific types of licenses for specific types of alcohol. You could get a license for serving beer or wine, or one for serving both. Licenses also differ for a restaurant serving alcohol versus a bar that does not serve food.
  • Off-sale license: These licenses apply to businesses like grocery or convenience stores. There are only two off-sale licenses – those for selling beer and those for selling wine.

Our firm has an extensive background in giving legal advice to businesses seeking approval for alcohol and other licenses.

Reach Out For Efficient Counsel – Free Consultations

If you would like more information on licenses, we offer free consultations. Give us a call at 619-297-0066 or contact us via email.