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Giving You A Competitive Edge As You Pursue Retail Licensing

Your ability to run your business is greatly affected by your pursuit of the right licenses. For example, California only allows a certain number of liquor licenses per county at a given time. An experienced attorney can help you get an edge over the competition as you seek to legitimize your company’s operations.

Winship & Friedrichs APC knows how to help ensure your business obtains the proper license. We have 20 years of license and business law experience. Our San Diego-based firm will be an attentive, efficient licensing advocate for your retail operation.

Our Help Can Go A Long Way

While obtaining a license can be costly, pursuing one without legal help could be detrimental to your future. The process of liquor licensing follows stricter laws than that of other licenses. Attorney Friedrichs is well-prepared to guide you should any legal concerns come your way during the process.

The licensing stage does not have to be so stressful or filled with unknown futures. Winship & Friedrichs APC can help serve the future of your business through efficient legal counsel. We also know how and when to negotiate on your behalf, should you run into trouble getting your license approved.

We Know What Your Business Needs

Retail management and administration can require a lot of time and resources. Our firm can take the extra stress of licensing off your shoulders. Call us for a free consultation at 619-297-0066. You can also send us an email.