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Work With An Attorney Before Your Business Opens

Even before a business is officially launched, it can benefit greatly from qualified legal representation. An experienced business law attorney can help you determine what type of legal entity your business should be. And once your business is up and running, sooner or later it will need assistance in navigating contract disputes and complex litigation.

Winship & Friedrichs APC proudly represents a wide range of businesses in San Diego and beyond. The firm has more than five decades of combined experience serving groceries, corner stores, restaurants, bars, wholesalers and many other businesses that serve alcohol. In addition to deciding on a business entity and navigating legal disputes, we can help you obtain your liquor license and defend it against disciplinary action.

Experience In California Business Law

The firm has worked with hundreds of businesses to help them get started, and navigate the disputes and other legal issues they face. The firm’s services include:

  • Entity formation: For liquor businesses and others, the firm can help determine which type of legal entity (limited liability company, limited partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.) is right for the business’s needs. We can also help determine which alcohol permit is best for the business if one is needed.
  • Contract disputes: The firm drafts and reviews contracts, and can help you navigate disputes with partners, customers, employees, and any other party to a contract you have signed.
  • Business litigation: When no compromise can be reached, some disputes can be resolved only through litigation. No dispute is too complex for our firm — tell us about your case and we will design a legal strategy that reflects your needs.

Keep Your Business In Compliance With The Law

Winship & Friedrichs APC will help your business stay on the right side of the law from its inception. If your business has been running for a long time, the firm is also eager to represent your interests. Schedule a free consultation in our San Diego office to see how our firm can help your business.
Email us or call 619-297-0066 to get started.