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Standing Up For The Well-Being Of Your Livelihood

Your very livelihood is at risk when your business faces license revocation. A knowledgeable attorney can set you up with the right defense and help protect your company and all affected by it. Winship & Friedrichs APC is a license law firm with over 20 years of experience giving legal advice to clients in the liquor industry and beyond. We understand what it takes to stand up for your business when it faces detrimental consequences.

A Strategy Fit For Your Defense

Every case is different. Some establishments lose their liquor license because a patron was heavily intoxicated, and they served the patron regardless. Other businesses lose their licenses over selling alcohol to a minor. We have an extensive background in preparing clients for license law cases. Some examples of revocation defenses include:

  • The patron did not appear intoxicated at the time of serving them
  • Your establishment has posted information or signage about responsible drinking
  • The server was unaware the patron was a minor – as in the case of a fake ID

You also may be able to reduce the severity of the consequences, potentially avoiding a complete loss of license. To do this, you must show that you are making significant steps to improve upon the issue. Should you lose your license, reinstatement is also an option.

We Know The Law – Learn More Today

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