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Defending Your License, Protecting Your Business

If you oversee customer service operations involving liquor, you are probably aware that much of your professional well-being relies on maintaining your liquor license. Threats like law enforcement sting attempts and underage customers with fake IDs can lead to a revoked license, causing lost wages for you and your employees.

At Winship & Friedrichs APC in San Diego, we offer extensive licensing counsel for clients across several industries. Attorney Matthew Friedrichs can help you protect your liquor license when the well-being of your business is in jeopardy.

Don’t Let A Mistake Define Your Establishment

In today’s world, there are numerous threats to your establishment’s liquor license. Such threats include accusations for:

  • Selling alcohol to minors
  • Selling to an intoxicated patron
  • Allowing onsite drinking if you do not have an on-sale license
  • Storing excess alcohol off the premises without approval
  • Engaging in illegal activities on the premises
  • Selling alcohol outside of the times stated in the license terms

Whatever your accusation, we know how to approach your liquor license defense. Your lawyer will thoroughly examine the details and strategize accordingly, helping you keep the business you work hard to maintain.

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You should not face this matter alone. The help of an experienced license attorney can make a big difference. We offer free consultations. You have nothing to lose by simply connecting with our office. Call 619-297-0066 or use our online contact form.