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3 license-related consequences doctors could face

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Professional Licensing

The dream job of many young children is to be a doctor. Of course, many of those young children find other passions in life as they grow, and their dreams change. Still, some individuals, you included, knew you wanted to obtain your medical license to help others, and you achieved that goal.

Unfortunately, many doctors, you included, can find themselves on the receiving end of disciplinary action from the Federation of State Medical Boards for various reasons. Often, these reasons pertain to perceived or actual incompetent, unprofessional or improper medical action by a physician. Unfortunately, disciplinary action from the Board could put your medical license at risk.

Possible license-related consequences

The exact consequences you could face from the Board will depend on the specific circumstances of your situation and what the Board feels is an appropriate course of action. Some issues you could face relating to your medical license include the following:

  • License restriction: This type of consequence could result in a limitation to your ability to practice medicine. Restriction often results in a physician no longer having the ability to prescribe medication and can stem from mental health concerns, substance abuse issues, criminal charges and other areas of concern.
  • License suspension: A suspended license is more serious than a restricted license and results in a doctor no longer having the ability to practice medicine until the Board reinstates that ability. In some cases, doctors can have the suspension lifted after meeting certain requirements set by the Board.
  • License surrender: Physicians can choose to surrender their medical license during a disciplinary investigation. Once a doctor surrenders his or her license, that individual cannot have it restored, renewed or reinstated but could apply for a new license later.

You undoubtedly do not want to face any of these threats to your medical license, but a complaint by the Board could put you in a difficult predicament. Fortunately, it is not a predicament you have to face alone.

Obtaining legal help

In this type of situation, you can obtain the assistance of a California attorney experienced in medical license defense. By having a legal advocate on your side, you may better understand what the investigation by the Board may entail, what you can do to defend your license and what effects the ordeal could have on your career as a whole.