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Is your liquor license at risk of revocation or denial?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2021 | Liquor Licensing

Having a liquor license may be an important aspect of your livelihood. Perhaps you own a bar and generate the majority of your revenue selling alcoholic beverages. Maybe you run a restaurant and offer wine, scotch, bourbon or other alcoholic beverages as part of the fine-dining experience. You could even own your own brewery and pursue your dream of putting out your own craft beer. Whatever the case may be, your liquor license plays a role.

You likely put in the research and work and successfully obtained your license. However, it is important to remember that a license is not a one-and-done deal. Much like other types of licenses, you must renew your liquor license and comply with the laws and regulations surrounding it. Otherwise, you risk having your license revoked and your business put in jeopardy.

What could lead to a revocation?

Unfortunately, several different scenarios could result in the Alcoholic Beverage Commission revoking your license or even facing local San Diego government bodies that have a problem with your alcohol sales. Some of those scenarios include the following:

  • Not paying taxes and fees: To maintain your license, you will need to comply with any taxes and fees associated with that license. Failure to pay taxes, fees or any accumulated fines could result in a renewal denial or a revocation.
  • Zoning problems: Even if the ABC approves your liquor license, the local government may indicate that the place of your establishment is not an alcohol sales zone. As a result, those government bodies could deem your license invalid for the area.
  • Criminal convictions: If authorities arrested you for a felony crime, the ABC could deny you a liquor license or revoke the license if the arrest and conviction took place after your initial approval.

In some cases, you may have the ability to resolve the revocation and have the license reinstated. For example, you could pay any taxes, fees and fines owed and request a reinstatement of your license. If zoning is the issue, you could petition the local governing bodies to consider rezoning and possibly have the issue presented for a local vote. In cases of felony criminal charges, the ABC does not have reinstatement options.

Reinstating your license

If you have had your license revoked and received a denial for renewal, it is essential that you understand the reasons behind the decision. If you believe that your license could be reinstated, thoroughly exploring your options may help you find the right path to pursue to keep your business venture operational.