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How can you avoid a default decision from a nursing board?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2021 | Professional Licensing

In many professions, a person’s conduct both at work and outside of work could affect his or her career. For instance, if you hold a nursing license, you likely know that any lapses in judgment or ethics that come to the nursing board’s attention could have serious ramifications for your nursing license. Of course, you may wonder whether reprimands or disciplinary action from the board always fit the situation. 

In some cases, a person’s predicament may initially appear one way to the board, such as if a person faces criminal charges, but later, details could arise that change the way the ordeal could be viewed, such as if criminal charges are reduced or dismissed. While the best-case scenario would be to always remain on your best behavior and never give the board reason to bring your licensure into question, that is not always possible. 

Address any concerns with the board personally 

In some cases, individuals may find themselves in trouble with the board, but they still do not show up to any necessary hearings or take other action necessary to address the problem. As a result, the board may make a default decision. Typically, a default decision means that since the nurse did not present his or her side of the argument, the board made a decision that they felt suited the circumstances based on the information they had. It is possible for a default decision to result in additional consequences. 

Rather than allowing the board to make a default decision, you would be wise to attend any hearings or address any requests for information about the situation. Showing up and holding yourself accountable to the board would allow them to see that you take the situation and your job seriously. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the board operates under California regulations, so having legal assistance would also be prudent. 

Reviewing a decision 

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may have the ability to negotiate with the board regarding the decision. If the board moves to revoke your nursing license, you may have the ability to petition for reinstatement, especially if the details of the event that led to the revocation change. Any time your nursing license comes into question by the board, fully understanding your rights and legal options for protecting your license and career is essential.