Keep Your Liquor License In Good Standing

Business owners know that small mistakes can lead to big problems. That's especially true when your business depends on alcohol sales, which are closely regulated and carry the stigma of the minority of consumers who overconsume and behave inappropriately.

Minor mistakes by you or your employees can lead to fines or the suspension of your license. A drunk bartender, failing to check a patron's ID, playing loud music and over-intoxicated patrons are all actions that can temporarily derail your business. Most ABC licenses have had conditions placed on them that licensees must follow. For example, most restaurants are required to serve an even mix of food and drinks. Other conditions involve limits on live entertainment or dancing. Unhappy neighbors can summon law enforcement at will, and there is no way to predict when the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control will conduct random, undercover inspections. If the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control believes a licensee has violated their conditions, they can bring an accusation against your license seeking revocation or suspension.

Liquor Licensing Disciplinary Matters Including Suspensions and Revocations

At Winship & Friedrichs, APC, the firm will help you respond to any and all complaints against your business. Whether you are facing a small fine, a suspended license or a revoked license, the firm will analyze your situation and take all possible steps to reduce the penalty you are facing and keep you business in operation.

The firm will work with regulators and California ABC administrators to negotiate a settlement that has the least impact on your business. If you are facing a suspended license for less than 20 days, it can generally be paid as a fine so that your business can stay open.

The firm will also work with our clients to proactively avoid disciplinary action by working with neighbors and law enforcement to comply with the law and maintain a positive relationship with all relevant parties.

Don't Let A Suspended License Derail Your Business

Our highest priority is to protect your liquor license so that your business can run smoothly. If your liquor license is under threat or if you would like to take steps to pre-emptively avoid that situation, schedule a free initial consultation in our San Diego office. Call us at 619-297-0066 or email us to get started.